Anti Seize Paste
Anti Seize Pastes are the extremely refined mixture of graphite, aluminum, and copper lubricants. These can be used during the process of assembly for providing protection from seizing, galling and rust. These eco-friendly compounds ensure effortless disassembling, extended self life and precise pH value.
Synthetic Grease
Synthetic Greases are included with several synthetic oils, bases and synthetic thickeners. These are particular greases in which oil and base, both are synthetic. Offered are appropriate for axle assemblies, ball joints, wheel bearings, spring pins, universal joints etc.
High Temperature Grease
High Temperature Greases offer superior performance in high temperature conditions. These are good for cold weather and serve as the highly effectual solutions for construction equipment, heavy-duty trucks and farm. Offered greases are used to gain excellent corrosion protection.
Industrial Grease
Offered Industrial Greases are applicable for sealed-for-life applications. These have exclusive applications in gearboxes as well as electrical motors. They can work under extreme conditions such as high pressures, high temperatures and shock loads, heavy load etc.
Graphite Dispersion
This Graphite Dispersion is apprehended for its high penetrating properties, oxidation stability and good emulsion stability. It has wide utilization in automobile industry and ensures uniform as well as fine dispersion of target materials' surface. It has good wetting behavior, sedimentation stability and high surface tension.
Graphite Grease
Graphite Grease is a sort of graphite lubricating substance, which can be sticked to a particular surface. It is proffered with good load carrying capacity and provides superior lubrication in comparison to general multipurpose greases. The grease assists in the lubrication of flexible drives, spring leaves, handbrake wires, slow speed plain bearings and slides.
Silicone Grease Lithium Soap
Silicone Grease Lithium Soaps are commonly utilized for the lubrication as of rubber parts. These do not swell or weaken the rubber. Offered soaps are functional as the optimum quality lubricants and corrosion-inhibitor. Their non-corrosive nature enable them to be used in heavy loads and show good temperature tolerance.

Aerosol Spray
Aerosol Spray is a special sort of dispensing system that produces an aerosol mist of fluid materials. It is exclusively designed to provide the accurate amount of product. Its packaging reduces waste and enables the chances of recyclability. The spray has high viscosity index as well as high level of resistance against oxidation.
Hydraulic Fluids
Hydraulic Fluids are the special mediums, which allow the power to be conveyed in a hydraulic machinery. There are several equipments , which make use of these, such as power steering systems, transmissions, industrial machine, garbage trucks, aircraft flight control systems, excavators, power shovel, hydraulic brakes etc.

Rust Preventive Spray
Rust Preventive Sprays are the long-term rust preventative sprays, which are utilized to provide protection to several metal parts and block the occurrence of rust & corrosion. These anti-rust sprayers are suited for non-drying protection as well as preventative maintenance and ensure optimal use in the environments of high humidity.
Synthetic Chain Oil
Synthetic Chain Oils are the advanced formulations of minimum evaporation rate. These are proffered with good tackiness as well as advanced creeping properties. Additionally, these ensure effective lubrication and can avoid unneeded spillage. Offered oils are suited for long term lubrication and fulfill all stringent demands of processing industries.
Petrol Engine Oil
Engine Oil is made to meet the demands of automotive industry. This high-quality oil is suited to be used for several vehicles such as bikes, trucks, motorcycles and cars. This is also suitable for the of engines of generator as well as lawnmowers.
Industrial Lubricants
Oil Lubricants
Oil Lubricants are the highly essential demands of automobile industry. These are appreciable for their environment friendly nature, high effectiveness, moisture proof packing and extended shelf life. The lubricants are provided with excellent absorption property and lessen the friction made in made in machines automobiles.
Gear Oil
Gear Oils are offered with advanced thermal as well as oxidation These have improved viscosity-temperature action and high viscosity index. The lubricating substances are suited specifically for transfer cases as well as transmissions.

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